Stalls and Traders

selling ethically sourced, fairly traded, traceable goods in environmentally friendly packaging at Septembersong, we have:
  • Soleluna Pizza serving traditional Neapolitan thin-crust pizzas using the finest Italian ingredients cooked on a wood-fired oven.
  • Tibetan Memories creating delicious, homemade, tasty, Tibetan food. Namdi cooks up a flavour of his homeland drawing from dishes he learnt from family and in his monastery in Tibet. Namdi uses a uniquely Tibetan process of mindfulness in food production which he absorbed during his intense monastic training in the art of producing Torma, colourfulsacred offerings made from compostable ingredients: a craft and a meditation. Namdi’s food is predominately vegan and if not, vegetarian.
  • Horsebox Coffee brewing freshly roasted, sustainable coffee from a roastery nestled on a small working farm in South Oxfordshire. They’ll also be offering delicious, fresh pastries from a local bakery, whilst stocks last!
  • Cheeky Pancakes bake fresh, mini, Dutch-style pancakes made with buckwheat, flour, yeast, milk & eggs. These poffertjes make for healthy, hearty breakfasts and a perfect pick-me-up throughout the festival day.
  • World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. The WWF will be at SEPTEMBERSONG discussing their mission to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.
  • The Woodland Trust is a charity whose mission it is to protect the wildlife that makes our woods thrive. They’ll be at SEPTEMBERSONG inviting people to join the movement that protects trees and fights for healthy, happy habitats everywhere.
  • Earth Land Sea Creativity will be selling raw sheep fleece from a smallholding in North Yorkshire where the sheep are known by name and will live out their days living alongside Sarah and her family. The raw fleece can be used for gardening, spinning, loom work and crafting.
  • Sahi sells beautiful, colourful jewellery fairly-traded with Colombian craftspeople created using melon seeds, flowers, wheat and barley.
  • Twilight Fantasy selling handmade beads, and upcycled jewellery and clothing.
  • Solace Asia Therapy is run by Irene who comes from a family of massage therapists in the Philippines practicing ancient massage techniques using herbs from tropical leaves. Irene specialises in helping people reduce aches and pains, and strengthen their immune systems to improve well-being. Licensure Massage Therapy leaves people feeling relaxed and recharged both mentally and physically with increased energy levels. 
  • Satyagraha Gongs is an immersive sound bath experience in which people can enjoy Individual GongBath Sessions in which the deepest sense of rest and rejuvenation is often achieved. A unique, and potentially profound experience, is variously described as relaxing, energising, exhilarating, rejuvenating, and uplifting. It is a very effective way of stimulating the natural good feeling of the body and most often leaves the recipient grounded with an indisputable sense of well-being. The experience is often likened to ‘being massaged all over’ by those who are sensitive as they feel their skin tingle and deeper sensations as the waves of sound vibrate through the body and trigger a tangible release of tensions.
  • Saunagus offer a transformative, authentic, outdoor, wood-fired sauna experience designed to improve physical and mental well-being whilst helping you connect with nature. Bring your swimmers, purchase a pass, and join Saunagus over the weekend to relax, enjoy and reap the health and wellbeing benefits of nature, peace, aromatherapy and heat to recharge your mind, body and soul.
  • Creative Kingdom provide immersive activities , and at SEPTEMBERSONG will be teaching historic practices such as long bow archery and axe throwing.
  • Contemplation Circle is a home-made circular pool where tired toes can be dipped and busy minds can relax for a while.